Diabolical Pitch

Creepy Kinect shooter from No More Heroes creator Suda51.

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Diabolical Pitch Review

Diabolical Pitch Review

Take me out at the ball game.

Oh Kinect, you giveth, but you taketh away. You're a bit like the good lord in that respect, really - except you generally limit your supernatural interventions to the world of video games. That's probably for the best.

Diabolical Pitch is a really good example of Kinect giving and taking, as it happens. Streamlined for Microsoft's motion sensor, Grasshopper's latest is designed around the kind of simple pleasures that you're only allowed to aim for when you're locked into the still rather primitive world of gesture inputs and body recognition. At the same time, though, the device's slight wonkiness when it comes to, y'know, gesture inputs and body recognition means that the game's never as much fun as it could be. Kinect is what makes Diabolical Pitch special, in other words, but it's also what makes it annoying.

Good stuff up first. I love the premise. In Diabolical Pitch, you're a superstar baseball player and you've injured your shoulder. Then, quick as a flash, you're hit by a car. When you wake up, you've been transported to a creepy fairground vision of the afterlife. Handed a brand new arm - don't worry, lefties, you can pick which side it goes on - your job is to take out hordes of monstrous weirdos by whacking them around with baseballs.

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Suda51's codename D gets a title?

Diabolical Pitch could be horror/baseball mix.

The mysterious Kinect title from No More Heroes creator Suda51, so far only referred to as codename D, might just have got an official title.

Suda51 concerned by PlayStation Move

And outs games industry's biggest boozer.

The way PlayStation Move is sold - separately rather than in pairs - is problematic for developers, Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda has complained.

Japan-made Xbox 360 exclusives revealed

Japan-made Xbox 360 exclusives revealed

Suda51! Radiant Silvergun! More!

Microsoft announced three Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 exclusives and two Xbox Live Arcade titles - all created by Japanese developers and due out in 2011 - at the Tokyo Game Show this morning.

The headline new game is codename D, from No More Heroes creator Suda51. Fresh from his appearance at EA's TGS conference, Suda51 described the Kinect title as a "very core action game" without guns and swords.

"You must fight for your life to survive an evil amusement park filled with twisted and eerie creatures," said Microsoft. "With codename D for Kinect for Xbox 360, you are the controller as you unleash devastating effects to destroy enemies and objects.

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