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Earn Fable III currency in phone app

Kingmaker launching on Friday.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft and Lionhead are launching a Fable III viral game for smartphones called Kingmaker this Friday, 1st October, and the rewards will be usable in Fable III.

That's according to an advert in the latest Xbox World magazine (thanks CVG) and the official website for Fable III Kingmaker.

The ad text explained that the tyrant king's Royals and the revolutionary Rebels are fighting for control of Albion and that the battle "has spilled onto the wretched streets of Great Britain!"

It sounds as though you will use a smartphone app to plant virtual flags and claim power-ups in real-world locations. These acts will earn gold coins which can be transferred into Fable III when it launches in late October on Xbox 360.

Those of you attending the Eurogamer Expo this Friday will be able to hear Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux discussing Fable III in our keynote address at 12pm. It's going to be an interesting show!

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