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Nelson reveals XBL release schedule

Crackdown DLC! Hydrophobia! And so on.

Major Nelson has listed a bundle of Xbox Live release dates over on his blog.

There you'll see that some Crackdown 2 downloadable content is due to arrive tomorrow, followed by add-ons for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age on 7th September. Some Snoop Dog tracks will appear in the Rock Band store the same day.

Plants vs. Zombies is coming to Xbox Live Arcade on 8th September alongside Dance! It's Your Stage. Sonic Adventure will follow a week later, priced at 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80 in the old money).

Looking ahead, Hydrophobia will arrive on 29th September followed by Comic Jumper the following week. Both games are priced at 1200 Points (£10.20). From 13th October you'll be able to buy tables for Pinball FX 2, while Super Meat Boy will debut on the 20th. Pricing for the game is to be decided.

Which is all fine, but when's Tokyo Jungle out?