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XBLA Hydrophobia dated, priced

First of four Game Feast titles.

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Dark Energy Digital has announced a 29th September release date for Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, Hydrophobia.

This will be the first of four Xbox Live Arcade games offered in Microsoft's Game Feast promotion. We heard yesterday that Super Meat Boy - due 20th October - would be another.

Hydrophobia will be a trilogy. The first instalment will cost 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.20/€14.40). All three episodes should be out within 12 months - that's the plan.

Hydrophobia - the first of the trilogy - packs several hours of single-player action on board a sinking ship attacked by terrorists [Dark Energy Digital contacted us this morning to tell us there would be "lots of reyplayability" through challenge rooms, leaderboards and collectibles -Ed]. The water will be central to combat and exploration and, Dark Energy Digital hopes, make Hydrophobia stand out in a flooded environment.

Hydrophobia will also appear on PC and PS3 further down the line. A boxed release is possible.

Hardly Arachnophobia, is it?

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