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Team Ico Collection gets Trophies

Move and 3D possible for The Last Guardian.

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The high definition PlayStation 3 ports of Team Ico classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will include Trophies, super cool creator Fumito Ueda's confirmed.

"They've [Ico and SOTC] become HD, the textures have been redone to go along with that, and also PS3 Trophy support," Ueda told Dengeki Online (translated by Andriasang).

We already knew the hotly-anticipated PS3 game, which super secret sources told us will be released in March or April next year for around £25, displays in 3D on those special tellys that display 3D.

"Originally, we weren't planning on making them 3D compatible, but it was decided upon suddenly when we determined compatibility would be a possibility. Neither Ico nor Shadow were made with 3D in mind originally, but they do fit well, I believe."

Meanwhile, 3D support is a maybe for Ueda's The Last Guardian, which looks lovely indeed.

"We're still looking into this," Ueda revealed. "In its current state, we've pretty much used up the full system specs. However, we'd like people who don't normally play games to play, so if we can reach these people, we'll think about it. With this meaning, it's not the case that there is absolutely no plan for support."

And it may even support Sony's mystical motion-sensing wand Move. "However, even if we did adopt Move, it would be Move compatible, and not exclusive."

Sony put out pretty trailers for both games last week. Let them make you smile below.

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