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Pachter: Sony should copy 3DS

Analyst "baffled by PSP strategy".

Sony has dropped the ball when it comes to portable entertainment and should copy the 3DS for the PSP2, insists industry analyst Michael Pachter.

Wedbush Morgan's resident motormouth told IndustryGamer, "I'm completely baffled by Sony's PSP strategy. They owned the portable entertainment market with the Walkman, and sat back and watched as Nintendo dominated games and Apple dominated music.

"They never quite got it right with an MP3 player, and their initial effort in games was a bit too pricey and sophisticated for the majority of the portable gaming market - kids under 13. They have a new ad campaign with a kid as spokesperson, so I suppose we should wait and see if it works.

"I continue to think pricing is an issue," he continued, "but if the 3DS comes out at $249, the $169 PSP might seem like a bargain. If Sony were really smart, they'd emulate the 3DS and put a 3D screen on the PSP2."

Sony remains tight-lipped regarding its next handheld but a Mortal Kombat developer who has apparently slapped eyes on the PSP's successor last week dubbed it a "pretty powerful machine".

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