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Memorial fund set-up for Relic dev

Donations welcomed by pregnant widow.

A memorial fund has been set-up for Brian Wood, the Relic developer who died in a tragic car crash late last week.

Donations will go to Wood's pregnant widow Erin, who's due to give birth on 5th November.

Brian Wood, 33, was killed when an SUV veered into his path because the driver - 21-year-old Jordyn Weichert - was changing out of her sweater. She was also thought to have been on drugs.

Wood apparently slammed on the breaks and swerved so as to protect his pregnant wife and baby. Erin Wood suffered a non-life threatening injury and is recovering.

Weichert, also alive and well, is being held in custody and awaits formal charges of three counts of vehicular manslaughter (two male passengers in her SUV died) and one count of vehicular assault.

Brian Wood worked for Relic Entertainment on Company of Heroes Online.