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Relic dev's widow thanks gamers

"Simply stunned" by your generosity.

Erin Wood, the pregnant widow of recently deceased Relic developer Brian Wood, has offered her "heartfelt thanks" to gamers following the fatal tragedy of 10 days ago.

"Brian always told me about how close-knit and wonderful the videogame community was, but I had no idea until this tragedy just how special a group it really is," she wrote in an open letter to Kotaku. "From all the articles and comments, to the emails and donations, I am simply stunned and so touched by the love, kindness, and generosity shown to me and my family.

"As everyone knows, the last 10 days have been the most difficult, dark days of my life. But this journey has been eased tremendously by the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes received from friends, family, and strangers living all over the world. It is so meaningful for me to hear about how his work and enthusiasm for the industry has touched others.

"Brian was completely and utterly devoted to the game industry, and was pretty much living his dream every day. He woke up every morning excited to be working in such a creative, demanding field. It was such a joy to be married to someone who was absolutely passionate about his professional life."

"Thank you," she closed, "from the bottom of my heart for the compassion and support. It is so appreciated, and has been a light to me in this impossible situation."

Brian Wood, a developer on Company of Heroes, was killed in a car crash. He was 33 years-old.

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