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Braid creator shows off new game

The Witness was on display at PAX.

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Braid creator Jonathan Blow has confirmed his new game, The Witness, was on show at the Penny Arcade Expo - though you might not have noticed.

"For all three days of PAX 2010, The Witness was publicly playable by anyone who came by the booth. However, it was unmarked and unattended, so it was easy to miss," he wrote on his blog.

"At a show full of companies trying to capture your attention and sell you things, I wanted to do something that is subtle, and a surprise - if you notice it, and decide to investigate, you find something unexpected," Blow explained.

"Also, I wanted people to be able to play the game for as long as they want, not feeling pressured to stop playing because of a huge line of antsy people waiting behind them."

Blow hid in the shadows by the booth, waiting to see how players reacted to the game. "Happily, the game worked very well - despite the fact that the visuals are still in an early prototype stage," he said. "People tended to play for a long time, and they liked what they played."

That included Kotaku's Stephen Totilo, who described The Witness as "a quiet game set on a lovely landscape landmarked with puzzles.

"It is clear that this is a game for the patient, the unflustered and the observant," he added. Oh, and it's a bit like Myst.

The Witness is due out some time next year for multiple platforms. Have a look at our screenshot gallery to see how it's shaping up.

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