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The Witness gets an 8-bit demake

Play The Wit.nes' starting area for free.

Someone has made an 8-bit demake of Jonathan Blow's fiendishly difficult puzzle game The Witness.

Or at least its starting area anyway. This free demo for the cutely titled The Wit.nes only encompasses 32 puzzles (whereas the real The Witness has 600).

Developed by Dustin Long, this demake isn't in first-person, however, as it's more of a top-down view where a male avatar roams a mysterious island solving line-drawing puzzles on panels.

The puzzles themselves, however, are rather in keeping with those in its source material.

Jonathan Blow seems to be in favour of this demake as he retweeted Long's announcement about it.

This isn't Long's first 8-bit game either as he and his studio Dustmop released an NES shooter last year called Star Versus. That one you can actually buy in cartridge form for Nintendo's archaic hardware.

You can check out The Wit.nes on Long's itch.io page.

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