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Beyond Good & Evil HD confirmed

Jade's had a makeover.

Ubisoft will release a high definition version of cult classic Beyond Good & Evil on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

It'll be the same game released in 2003 but with HD visuals, reports IGN.

The character models and textures will receive a makeover, and the sountrack is being re-mastered.

As you'd expect, Achievements and Trophies and online leaderboards are added.

What is Beyond Good & Evil? Shame on you. The Michel Ancel-created game was applauded by critics for its The Legend of Zelda-esque gameplay, vehicular transport and brilliant combat system.

Redeem yourself with our retrospective from last year.

A price or release window is yet to be announced.

A sequel is in the works. It was unveiled in 2008 at the publisher's spring UbiDays event. Little has been seen of the game since then, although Ancel popped-up last year to tell us this "direct sequel" will be more "immersive" and "complex" - the game he'd envisaged making first-time around but couldn't due to technical hindrances.