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Tiesto becomes DJ Hero ambassador

Dutch star joins devs on stage in Ibiza.

Superstar turntablist Tiesto is the official European ambassador for DJ Hero 2, Activision's announced.

The news came via a press conference this morning in Ibiza, where the Dutch mix master took to the stage to discuss his role in the game. We have a badly taken photo to prove it.

In addition to appearing as a playable character in the sequel and contributing three tracks, Tiesto created two remixes for the game, featuring Adamski's Killer and Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

Tiesto's involvement as a spokesperson is part of developer FreeStyleGames' attempt to make DJ Hero 2 more Euro-friendly, with a wider selection of pop and dance tracks than the original's hiphop-heavy tracklisting.

Various FreeStyle staffers, including creative director Jamie Jackson and in-house scratch DJ Blakey, demoed final code of the sequel on stage, walking press through the process of creating mixes for the game and showing off new multiplayer features.

"It's every child's dream to actually be in a video game," said Tiesto, who admitted to being a big FIFA fan.

"Europe has always been at the forefront of new music and club culture, and it's a great feeling to be a part of something that will bring the excitement of the world's biggest clubs into people's homes."

The event is running all day and Eurogamer will be chatting to Tiesto and FreeStyle later on, just as soon as we've had another five minutes by the pool.

DJ Hero 2 launches in Europe on 22nd October. Activision's just put out a new trailer, which you can see below.

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