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DJ Hero 2 DLC announced

Better to burn out than to fade away.

Activision has announced the launch of downloadable tracks for Freestyle Games' superb music game DJ Hero 2.

The announcement comes a week after Activision revealed plans to close its Guitar hero business following appalling sales of the once all-conquering franchise.

The Pendulum Mix Pack, which contains three tracks by the Australian electronic rockers' new album Immersion, is available to download now.

The tracks are "Watercolour", "Set Me On Fire" and "Salt In The Wounds".

It costs 640 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live and $7.99 from the PlayStation Network. All tracks are released as downloadable singles for Wii for 300 Wii Points.

Last week Activision confirmed that once February is done and dusted, no more Hero DLC will be released.

"We will release the previously announced DLC track and mix packs for February, but we will not be able to release new DLC packs," read the Guitar Hero Twitter account.

"We will continue to sell and support our catalogue of Guitar Hero and DJ Hero titles including Guitar Hero:WoR and DJ Hero 2."

UK developer Freestyle Games is currently working with Activision "on various options going forward for the studio" as the threat of layoffs looms.

Activision is in the process of axing 500 jobs across the company.