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EA announces My Garden for 3DS

"Awestruck" by potential of handheld.

EA has announced My Garden for 3DS.

The game allows you to design, grow and nurture your own 3D garden, using a "dazzling array" of 300 plants and flowers.

Producer Phil Katz revealed the title at the Tokyo Game Show this morning. He said he was "awestruck by how nature and flowers best utilise the amazing potential of the 3DS hardware".

You will be guided by furry friend Tanuki, who has 20 unlockable abilities - such as the ability to attract butterflies. There are six unique garden environments, including desert, courtyard and rooftop garden.

If too many creatures visit your garden, you can shake the 3DS to startle them and make them leave. Whistle into the mic and you might see unique birds appear. On top of all this, you can take a look around your garden with the free-roaming 3D camera.

My Garden will launch alongside the 3DS.