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EA cancels My Garden

3DS launch game hits compost heap.

Proposed 3DS launch title My Garden has been canned, publisher EA has announced.

According to Joystiq, the announcement was made during an event in New York today, with no formal explanation offered.

The title was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show back in September. No firm gameplay details were ever offered but it sounded like a Viva Pinata-esque set-up in which you had to nurture one of six different garden environments with help from a critter called Tanuki.

At the time, producer Phil Katz said he was "awestruck by how nature and flowers best utilise the amazing potential of the 3DS hardware."

A cruel blow for green-fingered gamers, to be sure. From the confirmed UK launch line-up, we recommend you look to Samurai Warriors: Chronicles to meet your pruning needs.