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StarCraft II's "e-sport patch" this year

Season rolling, balance changes, chat.

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Blizzard has revealed that the second patch for StarCraft II will focus on e-sport features and further balance changes, and should be ready in 2010.

"We'd like ot out by the end of the year," lead producer Chris Sigaty told PC Gamer.

It's "largely our e-sport patch," he said, revealing that a major new feature would be "season rolling", allowing players to track their performance in past seasons. Chat will be added along with editor features and the usual bug fixes and balance changes.

Balance was the focus of the game's first patch, released last week. Sigaty refuted claims that the Zerg are underpowered, stating that the race simply has fewer players because it's more challenging to play. He feels that the game balance is "actually very strong" at high levels right now but warned that it could still take a long time to properly balance the game.

"[Balance] is an ongoing process that, honestly, will take a year or longer to do," he said.

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