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Bungie to reset Reach Credits at launch

"It's nothing personal."

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Credits earned by gamers before Halo: Reach's official launch will be removed, Bungie has warned.

Bungie will reset Credits earned and any gear bought ahead of the Xbox 360 exclusive's 14th September launch.

"Some of you are playing Halo: Reach a little bit early," communications man Eric Osborne wrote in Bungie's forum.

"It happens. With millions of copies out of manufacturing quickly making their way into the massive global retail chain, it's not terribly uncommon for a few discs to 'accidentally' slip into a few lucky customers' hands. Que sera."

Last month Reach was leaked onto torrent sites and newsgroups.

Microsoft responded by saying that anyone playing "any unauthorised title" was likely to have their account and console banned from Xbox Live. "We have ways of knowing," the console manufacturer said.

Now Bungie has issued its own warning to early birds.

"Any Credits you earn during this slim pre-Launch window are going to be summarily and systematically reset prior to launch," Osborne said.

"Don't get too attached to any fancy new gear you might have already acquired. Consider any expenditures or investments you've made in the Armory the cost of doing business early. It's nothing personal; we just want to make sure the playing field is kept nice and level upon launch. It's only fair."

Osborne also told gamers that Credits earned through offline play, while accelerated, will suffer a "reduction" when they go online.

"For players without a connection to the outside world, the system is simply accelerating the credits being awarded to allow them to experience the Armoury at a realistically achievable (but decidedly lonely) offline pace," he said.

"For those who opt for a more social experience, the grind is a little more protracted, but still profoundly fun."

Not long now.

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