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There are Moa Burger Pringles and now I'm convinced moas are in Halo Infinite

It's a reach, I admit.

I never thought I'd see this: Moa Burger Pringles.

These limited edition Pringles, sold exclusively in Walmart (so we don't have to suffer them on these shores) riffs on a Halo: Reach in-joke - and a rather niche one at that.

OK, some background. In the world of Halo, the moa is an ostrich-looking creature native to the planet Reach. So the lore goes, moas were used as pets and also food. They're sort of like Halo's version of the chocobo from Final Fantasy.

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Infinite - Official Campaign Gameplay Premiere

Eagle-eyed Halo: Reach fans - and you really do need to be eagle-eyed to know about this - spotted in-game advertisements for moa burgers. The video below, which shows gameplay from Exodus, the seventh campaign level of Halo: Reach, stops to stare at one such in-game ad at a World Cuisine kiosk.

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Reach Moa Burger

Trivia! The moa burger combo (you get a drink as well) has a price of 7.77 cR, an obvious reference to the number seven.

More trivia! You can encounter moas in Reach, in the campaign missions Winter Contingency and Nightfall. They're neutral enemies and are harmless, but you can kill them. You monster.

You get an achievement for killing seven moas in Winter Contingency. The video below shows how to do it:

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo: Reach - Keep It Clean achievement

So! It's bizarre to have a new limited edition Pringles flavour based on something only the keenest of Halo: Reach fans will remember.

Or is it?

Here's what I think. Halo Infinite was supposed to come out Christmas 2020 alongside the Xbox Series X and S. Microsoft has already said this delay impacted the Halo promo train. That's why you could collect Halo Infinite double XP and cosmetics from Monster Energy in September 2020 - just a month after Halo Infinite was delayed to 2021.

This Moa Burger Pringles promo would have made a lot more sense if Halo Infinite had come out as initially planned in late 2020 and thus revealed it included moas. So, I reckon moas are part of the wildlife in Halo: Infinite.

Moas confirmed!

The question is, will you get to ride one this time?

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Reach - Riding a Moa