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Football Manager 2011 dated

PC, Mac and PSP versions this November.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The PC and Mac versions of Football Manager 2011, and PSP game Football Manager Handheld 2011, will be released on 5th November, SEGA's confirmed to Eurogamer.

We spoke with Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson about the latest in the illustrious series last month.

Improvements this year include real-time contract negotiations, a revamped training system and a new "match preparation" area of training so managers can give specific areas to focus on in the lead up to a match.

The big new feature, however, is dynamic league reputation. "I haven't seen a reaction to a feature like it," Jacobson told us.

No word on the iPhone version yet. "There is one planned," Jacobson said. "I just don't know when and we don't have a feature set yet. That's why we haven't announced anything on it. We're still deciding whether we keep that as a pre-Christmas or as a March release, as the first release was. There is a team of people working on a new iPhone game."

A video detailing the game is below.

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