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SEGA "happy" with FM 2011 sales

Series an "all-time seller".

SEGA is "happy" with sales of Football Manager 2011 despite describing them as "slow".

Earlier this month SEGA said Football Manager 2011 was its third best-selling game of this financial year, with 690,000 global sales for the PC and PSP version combined.

In its financial note to investors SEGA described sales of all its games in Europe and North America as "slow". Indeed sales of the boxed version of Football Manager are flat, but its European boss has defended Sports Interactive's football management simulation series, pointing to digital sales as evidence of growth.

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Why I Hate… Football Manager

Steve Hill on what happens when love turns sour.

It's a shame when relationships end but it's often for the best. Football Manager and me had it all - long intimate evenings, weekends away, the occasional holiday. I'd thought we never split up. But eventually cracks began to appear, the physical side deteriorated, and we became strangers.

FM Handheld for 36 on PS Store

Also: Mobigame's Edge, Dead Nation.

Sony's been to the virtual supermarket and the PlayStation Store cupboards are perilously stuffed to bursting for another week.

FM 2011 supports Twitter

Plus, upload videos to YouTube.

Football Manager 2011 will allow gamers to publish achievements and goals to social networking sites such as Twitter, Sports Interactive's announced.

Football Manager 2011 dated

PC, Mac and PSP versions this November.

The PC and Mac versions of Football Manager 2011, and PSP game Football Manager Handheld 2011, will be released on 5th November, SEGA's confirmed to Eurogamer.

Football Manager 2011

"We're trying to make a simulation here. We can't dumb it down."

Another year, another Football Manager game. But this time developer Sports Interactive has chucked in dynamic league reputation, the most requested feature from the community.