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Wii GoldenEye has wacky controls

Use Wiimote and nunchuck but not sensor.

Developer Eurocom has invented a strange way to control Wii re-imagining GoldenEye 007.

It involves holding the nunchuk in one hand and the Wiimote in the other but ignores the motion-sensing bar. You'll have to manually aim.

Nintendo World reported that pressing A and flicking the control stick allowed characters to strafe, just like holding the C buttons on the N64 pad did. Apparently these controls came about after Nintendo asked Activision and Eurocom to innovate.

Incidentally, Goldeneye 007 supports a normal point-and-shoot Wii control method as well as the Classic Controller pad.

GoldenEye 007 will be released for Wii in November. We put on our suit and smirk earlier this month and took a look.