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Cage will "definitely" explore PS3 wand

Plus: QD confirms Heavy Rain demo.

Quantic Dream founder David Cage has told Eurogamer he will "definitely" explore using the PS3 wand for "mature" experiences once Heavy Rain is released early next year.

"Well we're really interested in this, of course, because we have this close relationship with Sony, but also because we've had a chance to play with some prototypes and it's really promising and interesting," revealed Cage, speaking behind closed doors (bars?) at the Eurogamer Expo 2009.

"We think about movement and how it can reinforce immersion even since Fahrenheit. We use the controller in a certain way in Heavy Rain... Trying really to emulate what your character does on screen, trying to make you feel like you are doing the movement. So we are very close to this way of thinking.

"We would be interested to discover whether there is a way to use this device for more mature audience and for a more mature experience," he added. "But yeah, this is definitely something we are going to explore in the future."

Nevertheless, the Frenchman does not believe that "every single game" should be motion-controlled. Some games, he said, "you want to play just, you know, sitting on a couch".

Heavy Rain was one of the most popular demos at the Eurogamer Expo 2009, and David Cage's Developer Session drew a dense crowd. Videos of that talk can be found on Eurogamer TV.

Despite providing two demos of his emotional PS3 game, Cage told Eurogamer that Heavy Rain was a tough game to break into bite-sized samples.

"It's a frustrating situation, because if you don't release a demo, people may think you have something to hide, which is really not the case. But at the same time we want to make sure the demo we show really reflects and gives an idea of what the game is really about," he explained.

There will be a PSN demo of Heavy Rain before launch, Cage added, but whether this will be different to what we've seen already is unclear.

Look out for our full chat with David Cage next week. He talks about nipples, emotion, love, DLC, movies and much, much more.