Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama action-adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2010. The game is a film noir thriller, featuring four diverse protagonists involved with the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who uses extended periods of rainfall to drown his victims. The player interacts with the game by performing actions highlighted on screen related to motions on the controller, and in some cases, performing a series of quick time events during fast-paced action sequences. The player's decisions and actions during the game will affect the narrative. The main characters can be killed, and certain actions may lead to different scenes and endings.


Key events

Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream no longer making PlayStation exclusives

Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream no longer making PlayStation exclusives

NetEase funding secured for multiplatform future.

Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human studio Quantic Dream will no longer develop games exclusively for PlayStation platforms.

It follows a series of controversies for the studio, most notably the allegations of an unhealthy studio culture reported a year ago by a team of French journalists from Le Monde, Canard PC and Mediapart.

For its part, Quantic Dream labelled the extensive reports as a "smear" - and then quietly began suing the journalists who published the story.

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PlayStation Plus games for July announced

PlayStation Plus games for July announced

Absolver! Heavy Rain! More!

Sony's announced the PlayStation Plus titles for July.

From 3rd July, PlayStation 4-owning Plus subscribers can download Absolver, the RPG / fighting game hybrid Edwin recommended in our review: "A one-of-a-kind blend of blood-thumping martial arts, combo curation and grindy multiplayer set in a ravishing wasteland," he wrote.

Plus subs can also download Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain from 3rd July. We gave that one 9/10 in our review.

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UPDATE 15TH JANUARY: This article previously translated a passage of a French report to say Guillaume de Fondaumière was accused of "pushing kisses" on staff at parties, but the translation is incorrect, as de Fondaumière himself later pointed out to me. After further consultation we have a more accurate translation. The accusation revolves around the common French greeting of air-kissing when two people meet. Guillaume de Fondaumière is accused of making more contact with his kisses than is considered appropriate.

FeatureWatch: Aoife walks Chris through Heavy Rain

One man's struggle with fatherhood. And brushing his teeth.

With both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls coming to PS4 this week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce Chris to the original PS3 version of Heavy Rain, complete with awkward motion controls and unintentionally creepy children. The result is probably the most ridiculous episode of Late to the Party yet, and that's saying something. Be on full alert for Chris' outrage over Ethan drinking straight from the carton, and his utter discomfort over having to care for a child, even if it's a fictional one.

Face-Off: Heavy Rain on PS4

When is a remaster truly a worthy endeavour? It's a question we've asked ourselves often as countless remakes and remasters continue to stream onto today's consoles. These days, our thoughts on the matter are pretty simple - any game that remains exclusive to a single platform, especially when said game suffers from performance issues, can make a great candidate for a remaster. And this is exactly what makes the proposition of Heavy Rain on PlayStation 4 so intriguing - it's just a shame that some unexpected bugs can spoil the fun.

As developer Quantic Dream's first release on PlayStation 3, Heavy Rain was an interesting take on the modern adventure game formula. Combining cinematic story-telling, light puzzle elements, branching quick-time events, and cutting edge visuals, Quantic's first console exclusive managed to eke out quite a following. As interesting as the game is, the presentation was often let down by lacklustre performance and intrusive screen-tear - areas ripe for improvement on PS4.

The remastered version of Heavy Rain delivers a significant boost in consistency and visual quality across the board. Scenes exhibiting noticeable screen-tear on Sony's last generation platform now play back without a hitch. In fact, throughout our time with the remaster, the frame-rate managed to hold steady at 30fps in each and every situation. For a game with such strong cinematic aspirations, stable performance is crucial in maintaining immersion and in this respect, the remaster delivers a solid upgrade.

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Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are heading to PS4

Quantic Dreams' narrative duo coming later this year.

Sony has finally confirmed that both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are coming to PlayStation 4, though it's still being miserly with the details. They're both confirmed for this year, and will be available individually digitally as well as a bundle that's both physical and digital, but there's little information beyond that.

David Cage has always said that one of the main aims of any given Quantic Dream game is to ellicit an emotional response from its players. If that's the case, does confusion count? Because love them or hate them, David Cage's games, from Omikron: The Nomad Soul to Beyond: Two Souls are certainly... unique.

Heavy Rain, Beyond chief David Cage declares:

Heavy Rain, Beyond chief David Cage declares: "sequels kill creativity and innovation"

"Gamers invest money in publishers having no interest in innovation."

Sequels are bad according to David Cage, creator of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls and other games that aren't sequels.

"Sequels kill creativity and innovation," he declared. "Many people want the same and if that's what you offer them, they will gladly buy it."

The outspoken Quantic Dream design chief told OPM that we're inundated with sequels because that's what we buy.

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2K Games boss says photorealism aids diversity, Notch disagrees

Can games do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain yet?

2K Games boss Christoph Hartmann has gone and said something controversial. He's declared that only when games approach photorealistic graphics will they be able to broaden their genre-horizon and properly do nuanced emotion like Brokeback Mountain - rather than the Mission Impossible experiences we get today.

Quantic Dream's next project to be unveiled tonight

See Heavy Rain developer's tech demo on Eurogamer from 10.30pm GMT.

French developer Quantic Dream's latest project, a tech demo that shows the progression the studio has made since 2010's Heavy Rain as well as laying a foundation for its next game, is to be unveiled today - and you'll be able to see it first here on Eurogamer.

Heavy Rain completed by 74% of all users

But only a third kept every character alive.

Nearly three quarters of all those who logged into Heavy Rain finished the game, developer Quantic Dream has revealed via an IGN infographic.

Heavy Rain: Director's Cut announced

Heavy Rain: Director's Cut announced

DLC, soundtrack and bonus content bundled in.

Heavy Rain: Director's Cut launches in the US for PlayStation 3 on 8th November, Sony has announced.

As well as the original game, the re-release includes the following extras, as listed on the PlayStation Blog:

Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode 1 - The Taxidermist DLC

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Cage decries conservative marketing

Fahrenheit name change "f***** stupid".

Video game marketers in the US are too conservative and often struggle to sell story-driven titles, according to Heavy Rain creator and Quantic Dream boss David Cage.

Used market cost Heavy Rain 1m sales

Used market cost Heavy Rain 1m sales

Dev lost "between €5 and €10 million".

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream believes it lost one million customers, and "between €5 and €10 million", to second-hand sales.

"I can take just one example of Heavy Rain," Quantic Dream co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumiere told GamesIndustry.biz. "We basically sold to date approximately two million units. We know from the Trophy system that probably more than three million people bought this game and played it.

"On my small level it's a million people playing my game without giving me one cent. And my calculation is, as Quantic Dream, I lost between €5 and €10 million worth of royalties because of second-hand gaming."

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FeatureCheap This Week - 15/06/11

Heavy Rain! Killzone! Portal 2!

Get your payment method of choice at the ready, for here's another bountiful selection of cheap games that are worth your attention. This week we've got a few of the best games from the last year or so getting their first big discounts, and this week's hot releases at an affordable price.

David Cage: Game auteurs are vital

"No good stories are written by 50 people."

Video game auteurs who take sole responsibility for shaping all aspects of a title are vital to the continued growth of the industry, so says Heavy Rain creator David Cage.

Heavy Rain sequel ruled out

Heavy Rain sequel ruled out

Cage wants "to explore different directions".

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is not interested in making a sequel to its multi-BAFTA winning PlayStation 3 crime saga, so says studio boss David Cage.

Speaking to Spong backstage at the BAFTA ceremony in London last night - where the game picked up gongs for technical innovation, story and music - Cage revealed that the developer's next game, while "still very dark", will explore new territory.

"We created the genre," he insisted, referring to Heavy Rain's brand of interactive storytelling. "We own the genre, and we want to show that Heavy Rain was not a coincidence or a lucky shot - that it was really something that makes sense and that we can build on.

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FeatureHave videogames lost the plot?

A look at why games don't tell good stories.

Despite the advances of the past decade, from physics engines and motion control to near photo-realistic graphics, there is one area in which games still have huge scope for improvement. Why, after all this time, are so many videogames still so bad at telling stories?

Mass Effect 2 is AIAS game of the year

But game Oscars dominated by Red Dead.

Red Dead Redemption was the most prolific winner at this year's AIAS (Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences) Interactive Achievement Awards - gaming's equivalent of the Oscars.

FeatureGames of 2010: Heavy Rain

From the archive: As Quantic Dream's Beyond releases, we look back at David Cage's miserablist marvel.

Sundays are a great day for reflection. They're also a great day for washing down a packet of ginger nuts with a few pints of tea while idly wandering the internet. So we thought we'd start bringing you some selections from Eurogamer's archive for your pleasure, starting with this retrospective look back at Heavy Rain originally published as part of our Games of 2010 series.

Sony shows Heavy Rain off-cuts

Who else did Origami Killer murder?

An early version of Heavy Rain added another murder victim to the Origami Killer's tally, a new behind-the-scenes clip has revealed.

FeatureYour Move

PS3’s back catalogue gets motion sensitive.

If you've been keeping a weather eye on PlayStation Move coverage, you've probably come to the conclusion that Sony's latest foray into motion control is an extremely competent peripheral in search of genuinely good games. Luckily, the PlayStation 3 already had some genuinely good games knocking about, and now some of them have had Move support patched in.

Cage: Heavy Rain did the business

Has passed worldwide sales of 1.5 million.

Quantic Dream's David Cage has insisted his critically acclaimed PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain has done the business despite neither he or Sony expecting it to.

More than 1m copies of Heavy Rain sold

Cage reckons another 500k will be shifted.

Quantic Dreams boss David Cage says a million copies of Heavy Rain have already been shifted - and he reckons that figure will rise by half as much again before the year is out.

Cage takes a pop at Natal E3 demo

"I thought it was a little bit lying."

Heavy Rain creator David Cage has revealed he's skeptical about Project Natal, particularly with regard to last year's E3 demo of the new tech.

Cage has written his next game already

"Very different, very surprising."

Heavy Rain's writer-director David Cage has said he's already written the plot for his next game, and it's going to be "very different" from the dark thriller.

Heavy Rain patch

Heavy Rain patch "very soon"

Addresses "a range of minor issues".

Sony has a patch for Heavy Rain in the final stages of development, and reckons an update will be released "very soon".

That's what the developer wrote on the US PlayStation forum.

"As mentioned previously, this patch is not targeted purely at the issues reported in this thread but does address a range of minor issues which could be contributing factors. Given the small percentage of players affected by these issues and the difficulty that has been had in reproducing them here we're optimistic that this patch resolves your problems but cannot guarantee that this will be the case," wrote the senior community development manager at Sony.

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Molyneux is big fan of Heavy Rain

Reckons it's "the future of videogames".

Never mind Fable III - Peter Molyneux thinks PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain is where it's at when it comes to next-gen entertainment.

Heavy Rain "fuels a lot of hope"

Quantic Dream chuffed with response.

Quantic Dream co-founder Guillaume de Foundaumiere believes that Heavy Rain's success proves "there is space for innovation".

Heavy Rain optioned for film?

Years-old copyright doc surfaces.

Internet sleuth Superannuation has tuned up a United States Copyright Office filing which appears to suggest that PS3 interactive drama Heavy Rain has been optioned for a film adaptation.

The Taxidermist is the first of the Heavy Rain Chronicles, and comes bundled with the special edition version of Heavy Rain. We've avoided plot spoilers for the main game below, but if you're hyper sensitive to such things we suggest finishing it before proceeding.

Cage: no more thrillers from me

Multiplayer drama is "the next challenge".

Speaking to Eurogamer, David Cage has said that Heavy Rain will be his last work in "the thriller genre".

FeatureHeavy Rain's David Cage

The interactive dramatist on reviews, future plans, orange juice and mud.

Quantic Dream's eagerly awaited interactive drama Heavy Rain finally launches next week. We've written quite a few words about the PS3 exclusive already, including Tom's glowing 9/10 review, so we'll assume it needs no introduction other than to say that it's one of the most important, interesting and talked-about releases of 2010.

Cage hints at motion control reveal

Heavy Rain creator has plans for Arc?

Heavy Rain's creator David Cage has said that he may have an announcement to make about the PS3's motion controller soon.

Heavy Rain demo on PSN Store today

Plus: Flower price pressed right down.

A demo for Heavy Rain is the biggest attraction on the PlayStation Store today. Sony's huge PS3 exclusive was reviewed earlier and now awaits only its launch on 26th February. But can it do the numbers?

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

Send in the clouds.

Games typically begin and end with killing. In between, there will be a lot of killing. And if you get bored, you can always go off and do some different killing. Heavy Rain is another game about killing, but the difference is that when you pull the trigger - if you pull the trigger - you're committing to something with consequences. You may die in Heavy Rain, but rather than losing progress you may lose opportunities. In a medium where your existence is now so cheap that most games don't bother to punish you for wasting it, Heavy Rain wants you to respect human life.

Speaking of consequences, Ethan Mars, one of the game's four playable characters, does nothing but live with them. In an extended playable prologue to the main story, Mars suffers through the death of one of his two sons, an accident that also leaves him in a coma. When we return to him two years later he's suffering blackouts and estranged from his wife, blaming himself and weeping behind closed doors as his remaining, increasingly distant son Shaun watches TV downstairs in his ropey bedsit. The "game" is to drag a broken man through the motions of parenthood.

Before long, however, things go from sad to horrible for Mars when Shaun is abducted by the Origami Killer, a serial murderer who kidnaps children and drowns them in rainwater a few days later, leaving the bodies on strips of wasteland. It would be a massive spoiler to explain exactly what else the Killer does, but the kidnap and outside influences set Mars on a brutal journey that will test his mental strength under pressure, his resolve and his commitment to saving his boy.

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HMV: Heavy Rain date is unconfirmed

HMV: Heavy Rain date is unconfirmed

Data required for retailer to take orders.

Retailer HMV has clarified to Eurogamer that Heavy Rain's release date - listed on HMV.com as 26th February - is actually still unconfirmed.

This ties in with Sony's silence on the matter earlier in the day.

"The release date is still TBC as we understand it," an HMV spokesperson told us, "but in order to list items on [our website] and to make them available for pre-order - or to enable customers to register their interest so we can keep them updated - we have to put a release date on the system.

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FeatureCharge That Windmill

Alex Gambotto-Burke stands up for the Romeros, Molyneuxs and Cages of gaming.

Several months ago, I buried John Romero. I dug a little hole for him in the garden, covered it with dirt, and said a few poignant words over the spiteful-but-soothing strains of Paul McCartney's Too Many People. It was an emotional moment for me, because I really loved the guy. We'd had some great times together: the time, for instance, that his home was destroyed and we went out to get a new one. Or the time he chased his girlfriend around for over an hour, before finally taking a nap in the miniature Taj Mahal nearby. Mostly, though, I just remember him pressing his face up to the water jet, his jet-black, silky, slimy mane billowing out like a raven's wing. He was a spectacular goldfish.

Sony declines to confirm Heavy Rain date

Sony declines to confirm Heavy Rain date

Are retailers lying about late February?

Sony's told Eurogamer that a release date for Heavy Rain remains unconfirmed, despite numerous retailers - including those with Special Edition deals - backing 26th February as the PS3 game's UK arrival.

HMV started the ball rolling, listing a Limited Edition that comes complete with fancy slipcase and vouchers to download a Heavy Rain PS3 Theme and Heavy Rain sountrack - "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head"?

ShopTo, Amazon and Play all also back the 26th February date which, under two months away, now seems undeniable.

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Heavy Rain to receive Chronicles DLC

First episode due with Collector's Edition.

Sony has announced a European special edition of Heavy Rain and has also said it plans to release downloadable episodes following the game's release.

Heavy Rain to delay Trophy alerts

Acquired awards shown during breaks.

Quantic Dream co-boss Guillaume de Fondaumiere has revealed a small but interesting Heavy Rain feature that delays Trophy alerts until there are appropriate breaks in gameplay in which to display them.

Heavy Rain

Pored over.

How far would I go to save someone I loved? Apparently, I'd start by letting them win. The first thing that happens in Heavy Rain is that you take control of architect Ethan Mars as he wakes up on a beautiful Saturday morning in his lovely modern family home, gets dressed and goes downstairs to wait for his wife and children to come back from the shops. When they do, he helps get stuff ready for lunch and then has a bit of time to kill, so he goes and plays in the garden with sons Shaun and Jason.

Cage will "definitely" explore PS3 wand

Plus: QD confirms Heavy Rain demo.

Quantic Dream founder David Cage has told Eurogamer he will "definitely" explore using the PS3 wand for "mature" experiences once Heavy Rain is released early next year.

FeatureCaged Emotion

Heavy Rain creator pours his heart out.

David Cage and Sony could be considered visionaries for what they are attempting with Heavy Rain. Rarely before has so much money been gambled on emotion and story without the safety net of a post-apocalyptic American city full of monsters to shoot in the face.

David Cage at Eurogamer Expo 2009

Video of the game and the Q&A.

We were very proud and honoured last week to welcome Quantic Dream's David Cage to the Eurogamer Expo, where, in addition to a playable showfloor demo laid on by publisher Sony Computer Entertainment, he walked attendees through Heavy Rain and took part in an open question-and-answer session.

Cage defends Heavy Rain's mature content

"You won't be shocked for life by nipples."

Quantic Dream's David Cage has spoken up for his right to use sex in his games, pointing out that, "When you are 18... You won't be shocked for the rest of your life because you saw nipples."

EG Expo 2009: Quantic Dream's David Cage

Heavy Rain developer talks about player choice, difficulty, sex in games and his philosophy of development.

Hello and welcome to the Eurogamer Expo! Although if you're reading this you're probably not actually here. But you know.

Heavy Rain

The Origami Killer app?

For a game closeted in so much mystery and intrigue, Quantic Dream has been surprisingly forthcoming about how Heavy Rain works and what it's about. We know that it sees four playable characters - FBI profiler Norman Jayden, private detective Scott Shelby, architect Ethan Mars and journalist Madison Paige - on the trail of The Origami Killer. We know that Ethan's son, Shaun, is kidnapped part way through the game and that, according to the Killer's MO, the player has four days to save him before he turns up drowned on a stretch of wasteland.

Heavy Rain

Life on Mars.

"We don't make Dragon's Lair! This is not Dragon's Lair - do you think I'm crazy? I'm not stupid. Do you think I develop on PlayStation 3 to do Dragon's Lair again? It would be absurd. Of course it's not." David Cage is basically hopping up and down in the middle of a hotel room in Germany. "When there is an action sequence, yes we integrate this quick-time event sequence. We've done it really in a new way, we really started from a blank page again to try to take the best out of this type of interface and find the thrill and excitement and make you feel at the heart of the action."

Cage defends Madison striptease scene

"I do whatever it takes to tell my story."

Quantic Dream's David Cage has defended the scene in Heavy Rain in which player-character Madison Paige strips for a nightclub owner, arguing that during its E3 showing it succeeded in its goal of making the player "uncomfortable".

David Cage rants about quick-time events

Heavy Rain man: "This is not Dragon's Lair - do you think I'm crazy?"

Quantic Dream's David Cage pleaded with journalists earlier today to help him shake off the stigma of quick-time events and get the message across that Heavy Rain is properly interactive.

Cage talks Trophies in Heavy Rain

"We found a solution."

David Cage has made his peace with Sony's Trophy system for PlayStation 3, despite past concerns that it was at odds with the creative goals of his ambitious adventure game Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain confirmed for 2010 release

Heavy Rain confirmed for 2010 release

Will be "on time, on budget," says QD.

Quantic Dream exec Guillaume de Fondaumiere has confirmed Heavy Rain won't be released until 2010.

"Most publishers today realise that it's not ideal to release a new IP or a new genre just before Christmas. It's a very crowded place to be, and certain games need more space to live their life," he told GamesIndustry.biz. "Everybody at working on the project, both at Quantic and Sony, believe this is the right time."

"We've always known that we had a window to release the game, and it's important for us to finish it the right way. We've got some margin either way, to some degree, but again I think there's a responsibility, and we don't want to deceive - so it's important for the game to be polished up until the last minute."

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Heavy Rain delayed until 2010?

Sony says it hasn't confirmed a date.

An exclusive video preview of Sony and Quantic Dream's interactive drama Heavy Rain on the Gametrailers TV show suggests that the game won't be out until next year.

Heavy Rain

The weather forecast.

Normally, when presenting their games to the press, game developers try to explain them as fully and as best they can. They choose representative sections to demo and strive to get their vision for the whole project across in interviews. David Cage likes to do things differently.

Quantic's David Cage talks Fahrenheit

"We didn't know what we were doing."

Before embarking on Heavy Rain, David Cage - adventure-game auteur and chief of the Quantic Dream studio - made Fahrenheit. A similarly daring exercise in interactive narrative, known as Indigo Prophecy in the US, Fahrenheit is remembered with equal amounts of fondness and embarrassment by gamers, sometimes at the same time.

FeatureComing Attractions: Action & Adventure

Get juiced and get thinking.

We've had indie and esoterica, sports and music, MMOs and RPGs, and fighting and strategy, which just leaves the glamour girls of action, adventure, shooters and racing to strut their stuff.

Heavy Rain exclusive - 4pm today

Heavy Rain exclusive - 4pm today

Brand new pictures and words.

Just a quick heads-up - Eurogamer will be bringing you a brand new Heavy Rain preview, along with a whole set of new screenshots, at 4pm today.

Heavy Rain, of course, is a PS3 exclusive from Quantic Dreams, the same people who made Fahrenheit. It's caused quite a stir so far - visit the gamepage to catch up on our all coverage so far and find out why.

Eurogamer will be the only UK site to feature the new stuff, so check back at 4pm if you want to see it.

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Heavy Rain

A man's face, crimes scenes and that.

A man's face, crimes scenes and that.

Heavy Rain's vital statistics

Script length, cast size, more.

One of the fascinating things about Heavy Rain - previewed on Eurogamer today - is its reliance on development studio head David Cage, who wrote the massive script single-handedly, and motion capture. On a recent excursion to see the game in development, we noted down a few of the more interesting stats in its creator's presentation. We thought you might enjoy them, so here they are:

Cage pays tribute to ICO developer

"He has a real sense of poetry."

Heavy Rain developer David Cage has described ICO and Shadow of the Colossus director Fumito Ueda as one of "very, very few artists" working in videogames.

FeatureHeavy Rain

A preview without a game.

There's no rain during our trip to Paris to see Heavy Rain, which is bad news for the photographer travelling in our group, who might have done well out of that. Then again, there's no Heavy Rain on our trip to Paris to see Heavy Rain either. Nor, it turns out, was there any sign of it at Leipzig's Games Convention in August, despite its top billing at Sony's conference and director David Cage's press briefings. When we sit down with Cage three months later to ask whether anything we've seen so far - characters, locations, scenarios - is actually in the game you'll be invited to buy in the second half of 2009, he pauses for a second. "No."

"But I'm sure you want to know about the games." So said David Reeves, about half an hour into Sony's Games Convention press conference. He was right, having spent the last 30 minutes showing off portables and bundles and peripherals and services. And quoting Bob Dylan, perhaps ill-advisedly: for all the talk of selling out, it's unlikely that The Times They Are A' Changin' was about the seventh generation of the console war.

Demo and DLC for Heavy Rain

Quantic Dreams outlines plans.

Quantic Dream has confirmed to Eurogamer plans for a pre-release demo of PS3 exclusive-of-the-moment Heavy Rain, while hinting at the potential for downloadable content in the convention-smashing adventure.

Sony unveils Quantic's Heavy Rain

Sony unveils Quantic's Heavy Rain

A "dark thriller", due next year.

At its press conference at the Leipzig Games Convention, Sony lifted the lid on Heavy Rain, a "dark thriller" for PS3 due in 2009.

The game appears to be an extremely cinematic adventure with horror overtones, and a mature, emotionally involving story exploring adult themes not seen in videogames before is promsied.

Live gameplay footage was shown, but aside from very quick button-prompt flashes on-screen, it was virtually indistinguishable from a cut-scene, with fast cutting between static cameras.

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David Cage clarifies Uncharted comments

We wrote a naughty headline. We're sorry.

Quantic Dream's David Cage has asked that we clarify his comments on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune after we published a story on Friday under the headline "Uncharted is like a porn film - Quantic Dream".

More Heavy Rain details emerge

More Heavy Rain details emerge

PS3-exclusive from Fahrenheit dev.

Quantic Dream has opened up about its PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

According to a piece in Dutch magazine Chief (translated by Kotaku), the game will focus around four characters who have landed in extraordinary situations.

The main theme will be about a father's love for his son, which ties in with the "much more personal" approach studio boss David Cage is after.

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