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Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human get release dates on PC

And demos are coming too.

Developer Quantic Dream has shared PC release dates for its previously PlayStation-exclusive narrative adventures Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human - and all three will be getting demos ahead of launch.

First up is Quantic Dream's pulpy serial killer crime drama Heavy Rain, which arrives on PC - or more specifically the Epic Games Store, given Quantic's decision to restrict sales to Epic's shop - on June 24th. It'll cost $19.99 USD (around £15), but if you fancy taking it for a test-drive before slapping your money on the table, a demo launches on 24th May.

Eurogamer had some kind words for Heavy Rain when it originally launched on PlayStation 3 in 2010, awarding it a 9/10 and saying, "While it is an intricate game that deserves to be debated for a long time, it is also a simple one to enjoy: a thrilling mystery, cleverly composed, and unlike anything else you will play this year."


Once the dust has settled on Heavy Rain's PC release, it's the turn of Quantic Dream's unwaveringly straight-faced (but increasingly ridiculous) supernatural thriller Beyond: Two Souls, which stars Ellen Page as a young girl with a ghosty pal and Willem Defoe as a paranormal scientist. Beyond will also cost $19.99 USD (still around £15) when it comes to PC on 22nd July, and its demo arrives on 27th June.

"Heavy Rain worked because it was a police procedural, a genre that's all about narrow horizons and methodical reassurance," said Eurogamer's Oli Welsh of Beyond: Two Souls in his 6/10 review, "The tight confines of Quantic's style suited it well.

"The same delivery just can't contain Beyond's epic scope, preposterous premise and high-octane action. You're left feeling detached from it, and its component parts have nothing more than a frail spine of story holding them together."

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Last up on the PC release front is Quantic Dream's most recent offering, the rights-for-robots sci-fi thriller Detroit: Become Human. This one, which Oli Welsh called a "glib, rabble-rousing and admittedly enjoyable thriller" on PS4, despite the game's clumsy handling of its bigger themes, is scheduled to release some time this autumn for $39.99 USD (around £30) and there's a demo coming at a non-specific future point this "summer".