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Sega teams up with Heavy Rain lead designer's new studio to publish "narrative-driven" game

But what could it be?

Sega has announced that it will publish the first project from Interior Night, a new studio founded by ex-Quantic Dream lead designer, Caroline Marchal.

Interior Night was established last October, and the London-based studio will focus on creating "narrative games aimed at a mature TV audience".

Sega says that it won't be discussing Interior Night's first project - a new IP - just yet, but Marchal's role as lead game designer on Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will likely offer some clues as to the studio's eventual output.

Cheer up Ethan.

Joining Marchal at Interior Night is a team of industry talent drawn from the likes of Quantic Dream, Sony, and Slightly Mad Studios.

Sega recently announced the fruits of another publishing partnership with a UK developer, Two Point Studio. The team of ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios staff are working on Two Point Hospital, a Theme Hospital spiritual successor to be released later this year.

Quantic Dream has also been in the news of late, albeit for much less positive reasons.