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PS3 to get motion-sensing controller?

Will be unveiled at E3, reckons Variety.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Variety is quoting "several sources" as saying a motion-sensing controller is in development for PlayStation 3.

One source claimed to have seen the device several months ago. Two others said it will be unveiled at E3 in June.

The controller apparently uses LEDs and a webcam to track movement. "Because the camera can read different color lights and the shape and angle of each light, it's much more accurate than the Wiimote," reckons the Variety report.

"It can track precise movements, including along the Z axis (pushing toward and away from the TV; something the Wii is really bad at) as well as velocity."

The controller is said to look "kinda funky", with "a bulb to house the LEDs on the end". Word is that Sony wants developers and publishers to produce some early software to show it off.

Sony has yet to comment on the story, but it's unlikely they'll break with tradition and comment on rumour or speculation.

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