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Sony bundling PS3 and GT5 together

285 quid for 320GB model and GT5 CE.

European online retailers have started offering a 320GB PlayStation 3 Slim and the recently announced Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition together in a bundle.

Both Amazon and Play are offering the bundle for £284.99.

The GT5 Collector's Edition, which features a 200+ page driver's guide, artcards, a car pack and a dynamic theme designed by Polyphony Digital, costs £59.99 on its own.

It's not to be confused with the super-expensive Signature Edition, which comes with an SLS AMG toy car, a wallet, art book, USB key and other goodies.

Gran Turismo 5 is due out in Europe on 3rd November. Check out our most recent preview for more on Polyphony's years-in-development racer.