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NBA Jam now standalone on PSN/XBLA

Fallout from overnight NBA Elite 11 delay.

NBA Jam has become a standalone "holiday" (autumn) release for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

It had been an exclusive treat for owners of NBA Elite 11, but EA Sports delayed that pillar basketball title overnight. The date has been pushed back indefinitely from 8th October.

Peter Moore had this to blog: "This year, we set extremely ambitious goals for our new franchise, NBA Elite. We are creating a game that will introduce several breakthrough features that have been missing from the basketball genre.

"Unfortunately, NBA Elite 11 is not yet ready and we have made a decision to delay next month's launch. We are going to keep working until we're certain we can deliver a breakthrough basketball experience."

As compensation, Moore will offer NBA Live 10 players free roster updates for the start of the real-life NBA 2010-2011 season. "We will also provide free Dynamic DNA updates, daily, for the entire season," he wrote. "That's a full season of basketball with new rosters and updates, free."

Moore has boasted big about NBA Elite 11 (nee NBA Live). He told the world this summer that the new game would "evolve" the genre in a way that hadn't been seen for "a decade".

NBA Jam was announced earlier this year as a Wii exclusive. The game will launch for Nintendo's console in Europe sometime next month.

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