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Deadly Premonition prequel planned

Will the horror never end?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Plans are afoot for a prequel to bonkers survival-horror curio Deadly Premonition, according to the game's US publisher.

Ignition Entertainment's Shane Bettenhausen told 1Up's 8-4 Play podcast that he had recently discussed future plans with the game's creator, the oddly named SWERY.

"Both SWERY and I would love to continue the adventures of Agent York," he said. "Probably not so much as a sequel, if you've seen the ending – more of a prequel. If there was any way possible... we would love it for more Agent York to happen in the future."

Deadly Premonition finally arrives in the UK on 29th October. It's madder than a sack full of rabid monkeys but "very hard to ignore", according to Eurogamer's Chris Schilling.

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