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Swery's The Good Life campaign will fail on Fig


Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro's new game The Good Life - a papercraft open-world murder mystery in a rural English town, oh and where you turn into a cat or dog at night - will fail as a campaign on crowdfunding platform Fig. He seeks $1.5m but has raised only a third of it, and his time runs out today.

But Swery will not give up. The Good Life will return, he has said, with a new and improved Kickstarter campaign later this year.

"We refuse to give up bringing you The Good Life," Swery wrote in a letter shared on Twitter. "What we plan to do is relaunch the campaign as a Kickstarter, and launch before the end of the year. We will use all of the information we learned from this campaign and make the Kickstarter one we believe can succeed."

In the letter he outlined the reasons he believes The Good Life campaign was unsuccessful. The announcement was messy because of a leak, he said, and the trailer was confusing. People didn't understand why there were separate cat and dog versions, and there were other misunderstandings besides. The Kickstarter campaign he intends to make much clearer.

All the money The Good Life raised, around $529,000, will be returned, as is procedure for unsuccessful Fig campaigns.

Swery is renowned for his weird and wonderful detective game Deadly Premonition, which takes more than a dollop of inspiration from Twin Peaks. Coincidentally it was at the town David Lynch filmed Twin Peaks, North Bend in Washington, Jeffrey Matulef bumped into Swery and talked The Good Life.

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