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Dead Space 2 beta on PS3 now

Cafe Necro.

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A handful of lucky PS3 owners are being invited into a Dead Space 2 closed beta test.

Sign-ups are handled by developer Louis Gascoigne (no relation) on Twitter ("codecow"). He's been sending out PSN codes to people that message him their email address.

"Thanks to everyone showing interest in the offer I mentioned earlier, I will see if I get any codes tomorrow," he posted three hours ago, at 6am UK time.

Dead Space 2 is positioned for a late January 2011 launch, and is another far-away EA title playable at the Eurogamer Expo 2010 next week.

Tickets for Friday and Sunday are still available. They cost £8, with discounts for concessions. Chop chop.

Multiplayer in Dead Space 2.

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