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Watch: Seven times video games were just really, really gross

Gore blimey.

Resident Evil 7 looks pretty good, if you ask me - in all honesty I thought the days in which I could muster excitement for an upcoming Resi title were long behind me, but the next instalment seems to have real promise.

It's also a bit disgusting, let's be honest. The kitchen in the first scene actually made me do a little retch and some of the real-life props created for the game are pretty grisly, too.

In recognition of this festering feat, we put together this video of seven times video games were really, really gross. Give it a watch but be warned - it's got some pretty graphic moments.

Cover image for YouTube video7 times video games were just really, really gross

That Dead Space 2 moment, seriously. I'm not sure I can think of anything worse. Doubtless some of you will disagree, however, so feel free to discuss your most disgusting moments in the comments below.

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