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Spector: It's a Golden Age for gaming

You've never had it so good, apparently.

Deus Ex and Epic Mickey creator and all-round industry legend Warren Spector has declared we live in a Golden Age of gaming.

"I think that this is kind of a Golden Age," Spector told VideoGamer.com.

"I can make a Wii-exclusive game featuring Mickey Mouse. Someone else can make an all-original $100m MMO. I've got friends who are literally working alone on indie games that have no prospect of profit or commercial success. I've got guys working on iPhone games.

"Even if you think every game on Facebook is no good, hey, the stuff on the Wii is great. And if you think the stuff on the Wii is bad, go to the Independent Game Festival and look at all the stuff that's happening there. And if you think all that's bad, go to the App Store and buy stuff there. It's insane.

"There's something for everyone, which means there's something for every developer to do that's meaningful for them, that will ignite their passion."

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