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Epic Mickey sells 1.3m copies in US

Spector's Wii exclusive does the business.

Disney Interactive's Epic Mickey has sold 1.3 million copies in the US alone since launch.

The Los Angeles Times cited "people familiar with the [NPD] data" for the tally, but given that the Warren Spector-developed Wii exclusive debuted at number six on the December NPD chart published yesterday, the figures seem very realistic.

Considering disappointing UK sales of the game and middling reviews that forced Spector to publicly defend the game's much-maligned camera, things weren't initially looking good for the title. However, it seems the pull of Disney's evergreen mascot remains as strong as ever in the land of the free.

December was a great month for Wii exclusives in general in the US. Just Dance 2 came in at number two and Donkey Kong Country Returns held fast at number five. Total US sales of the ape's comeback platformer are now in the vicinity of two million units.