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Nintendo on NPDs: We beat everyone!

And have for "five years running".

In the US last month Sony did worst, Microsoft did well, Nintendo did the best - the DS and Wii were once again rampant.

As such, Nintendo's response to the results is full of cartoon rainbows and sunshine.

We're told that mere months before 3DS arrives, old and existing handheld the DS still managed to command a market-leading performance of 2.5 million sales.

And despite launches of both Move and Kinect, Nintendo's Wii - the motion-sensing console that started it all - showed those young-guns who's boss with 2.3 million sales (Xbox 360 sold a personal best of 1.9 million units, PS3 sales were unspecified).

In the US, in total, DS has sold 47 million units and the Wii 34 million.

"Nintendo has sold more game systems than anyone else for five years running," said Cammie Dunaway replacement Charlie Scibetta. "Of the quarter billion hardware systems sold in the United States during the past 10 years, Nintendo sold more than half.

"We look forward to bringing fun new experiences to consumers when Nintendo 3DS launches in March."

Three of the top 10 best-selling games during December were for Wii: Just Dance 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns and, surprisingly, Epic Mickey. In the UK, Disney Epic Mickey appears to have flopped.

Impressively, over half of the top 25 best-selling games for the whole of 2010 were on Wii and DS. That number includes two of the top five; five of the top 10; and nine of the top 15.

The indomitable Just Dance 2.