Disney Epic Mickey


Feature | A Tale of Two Mickeys

Video games on Disneyland: From the Magic Kingdom to the Wasteland.

Disney trademarks Castle of Illusion

Another epic outing for Mickey?

Feature | A Tale of Two Mickeys

Video games on Disneyland: From the Magic Kingdom to the Wasteland.

Disney trademarks Castle of Illusion

Another epic outing for Mickey?

Disney planning Epic Mickey 2 - report

Mooted sequel for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Epic Mickey sales "strong" - Disney

Revenues rise following layoffs.

Disney confirms "restructuring process"

Half of staff at interactive division axed.

Disney lays off Epic Mickey devs?

Redundancies reported at Junction Point.

Epic Mickey sells 1.3m copies in US

Spector's Wii exclusive does the business.

Nintendo on NPDs: We beat everyone!

And have for "five years running".

Video | What makes Epic Mickey epic?

Warren Spector delves into the archives.

Spector defends Epic Mickey camera

It's the "hardest problem" any dev faces.

Video | Behind the scenes of Epic Mickey

Disney's animators discuss.

Disney "hugely supportive" of Epic Mickey

"Most serious Wii title in history of mankind."

Video | Epic Mickey just two months away

And a new trailer to celebrate.

Epic Mickey dated

Out November.

Spector: It's a Golden Age for gaming

You've never had it so good, apparently.

Disney's Epic Mickey

Fee fi fo fum.

Video | Epic Mickey gameplay on Wii

Walt a load of new footage?

Video | Epic Mickey opening cutscene

Disney reveals beginning brilliance.

Video | Epic Mickey B-roll from Comic-Con

Unedited footage of the Mouse in action.

Feature | Junction Point's Warren Spector

"Let other developers be scared of me."

275 people working on Epic Mickey

"You have to go big" - Spector.

Video | Epic Mickey - Behind the scenes

See what makes the mouse tick.

Video | Disney's Epic Mickey

Warren Spector's new project goes under the brush.

Disney exec calls PS3 wand Gem

Plus: Epic Mickey coming to other consoles?

Spector plans two more Epic Mickeys

But they're not approved yet.

Feature | Disney Epic Mickey

Retaking the Mickey.

Disney Epic Mickey

Warren Spector's latest finally shown.

Disney officially unveils Epic Mickey

Visit the Cartoon Wasteland next autumn.

Spector was asked to "reinvent" Mickey

Chose Wii for its "congenial audience".

Tons of Epic Mickey artwork revealed

2D sections, painting, Mickey's moods, more.

First Epic Mickey details spilled

Wii explanation, story, gameplay.

Epic Mickey confirmed as Wii exclusive

Game Informer puts an end to rumour.

Game Informer teases Epic Mickey reveal

Spector's Disney opus headlining next month.

Spector making "Epic Mickey" for Wii

Concept art shows dark take on Disney.