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Disney "hugely supportive" of Epic Mickey

"Most serious Wii title in history of mankind."

Junction Point's Warren Spector has lavished praise on Disney for the quality of support he has received putting together ambitious Wii-exclusive title Epic Mickey.

"I've told every publisher, and I told Disney, I don't do budgets, I don't do schedules, and I make the games I want to make. If you don't want that, let's part ways now and we'll stay friends. Don't think you can change me because you can't. I think Disney found that out. And they've been hugely supportive, I've got to say," Spector told IGN at New York Comic-Con this weekend.

"There are not a lot of publishers who'd have the courage to stick with us. I mean Mickey Mouse with choice and consequence on the Wii - if this isn't the biggest budgeted, most serious third-party Wii title in the history of mankind I don't know what is. And only Disney would have supported that."

Spector also said that fans of his past work would still find a lot to their taste if they decided to join him for the Epic Mickey ride on 26th November.

"If Deus Ex fans give this a shot I think they'll find Mickey is quite a hero," he said. "Although they're making different kinds of choices and seeing different kinds of consequences the gameplay philosophy that is the underpinning of Deus Ex, Thief, System Shock, and the multiple games I've worked on, it's still right there. It's just different. There you go, it's not good or bad, it's just different."

Check out our Epic Mickey preview and the extended intro below.

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