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Disney exec calls PS3 wand Gem

Plus: Epic Mickey coming to other consoles?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Disney Interactive Media bossman Steve Wadsworth has added to the confusion over what the PS3 motion controller will end up being called.

In his speech at the DICE Summit yesterday, Wadsworth referred to "Sony's Gem", according to Game Informer. But isn't Gem just a codename, as Sony said last year?

Or is it called Arc? No, wait, that's a codename too, like Sony said. Our money's on Kaz Hirai's Electromagical Joywand.

In the same speech Wadsworth discussed Epic Mickey, the forthcoming plartformer from Warren Spector and Junction Point. At the moment it's exclusive to the Wii - but that could change what with the advent of new motion controller systems like Project Natal and Gem / Arc / KHEJ.

"We have a very large audience base that has Wiis in their home," Wadsworth said, as overheard by Gamasutra. "That's not to say that we won't go to other platforms [in the future]."

Epic Mickey is due to arrive on Wii this autumn. Visit the gamepage for all the gubbins.

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