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Arc is just a codename, says Sony

Despite THQ boss calling the wand that.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony spokesperson Patrick Seybold has played down yet more suggestions the new PS3 wand is called Arc.

This time the suggestions have come from THQ boss Brian Farrell. According to VG247, he referred to the wand as Arc in a recent conference call.

However, Sony spokesperson Patrick Seybold has since told everyone to calm down. "We haven't announced the name of our Motion Controller," he wrote on his Twitter page. "He referred to it as a rumored codename."

US journalist N'Gai Croal responded by asking, "When will the Vice President of Peripheral Nomenclature announce the real name?"

Seybold replied, "You'll be among the first to know when we do."

Reports that the wand's name is Arc began to emerge last month. Other rumoured names have included Sphere, Gem and Kaz Hirai's Magic Wonder Stick of Electronical Joy maybe not the last one.

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