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The PS3 wand is called Arc - report

But will it still launch this spring?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony's going to call the new PS3 wand Arc, according to a new report circulating this morning.

VG247 claims to have confirmed the name with a trusted inside source. Sony declined to answer Eurogamer's request for comment on grounds of "rumour and speculation".

Sony's yet to announce a proper name for the motion sensing wand, which appears to have slipped out of a much-publicised spring 2010 appearance and into a murkier "this year" arrival. A delay, however, has not been confirmed.

Names linked with the PS3 wand have included Sphere and Gem, although the latter turned out to be "an early code name for the product".

Console rival Microsoft also enters the motion-sensing market this year with the ambitious Project Natal, scheduled for autumn. A slip for "Arc" may bring about a head-to-head collision.

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