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Disney trademarks Castle of Illusion

Another epic outing for Mickey?

Disney has been spotted trademarking Castle of Illusion - the name of an old Mega Drive game starring Mickey Mouse.

The trademark (via Siliconera) specifically mentioned video games.

Disney could, therefore, be planning to re-issue the game on Wii Virtual Console or in HD on PS3 or 360. A far juicier thought, however, is that Castle of Illusion somehow relates to a rumoured Epic Mickey 2 project.

Epic Mickey, a project helmed by Deus Ex creator Warren Spector, fell a little flat. "Fundamentally, Epic Mickey misunderstands what people love about Mickey Mouse," wrote Dan Whitehead in Eurogamer's Epic Mickey review. "He simply doesn't fit in this grim, post-modern dystopia, dripping with bitter-sweet nods to forgotten corners of Disney lore, nor does he need to confront his dark commercial heart to stay relevant in 2010.

"He just needs to be Mickey, with blue skies, wholesome adventures and bright primary colours. A game with the breezy aesthetic and technical polish of Super Mario Galaxy, starring Mickey, Donald, Goofy and friends would do more to rekindle our affection for the mouse than this admirable but flawed attempt at forced reinvention."