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Report: 3DS on 11th Nov in Japan

German paper makes date claim.

German newspaper BILD has claimed that the Nintendo 3DS will launch on 11th November in Japan for the equivalent of 200 Euro (£170).

The report (thanks NeoGAF) went on to say that the 3DS would arrive in Europe next spring with Mario Kart 3DS, Professor Layton and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

Nintendo has not officially said when the 3DS will launch in Japan, Europe or North America, but it is planning to date and price the new handheld on Wednesday 29th September.

Third parties have hinted at a spring launch for Europe while a Japanese peripheral manufacturer recently tweeted a 20th November date.

Last week the technical specifications for the 3DS were reportedly leaked. Digital Foundry rifled through them to make sense of the new dual-screen, 3D-enabled handheld.