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3DS to launch in Japan on 20th Nov?

Peripheral maker says so then disappears.

Nintendo plans to release its 3DS handheld in Japan on 20th November, according to reports derived from a peripheral manufacturer's Twitter account.

Twitter user "nocchisan", named as Takahiro Amano by Kotaku, posted the apparently innocent news that nearly a dozen third-party 3DS peripherals designed by him were due out on that date.

However, he then went on to add: "People who are buying the 3DS, buy it at the same time!" His entire Twitter account, not just the tweet, has since been removed.

Amano claimed to be an employee of peripheral company Keys Factory, and Kotaku pointed out that his location was listed as Shizuoka, where the company is based.

Nintendo has yet to comment and probably won't ahead of its 29th September press conference, when we've been told to expect more details on the 3D handheld's date and price.

We've dropped the platform holder a line anyway.

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