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Ex-RTW execs buying MyWorld?

PC game could be rising from ashes.

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Three former directors of Realtime Worlds have been linked to the purchase of MyWorld, the social networking game first unveiled earlier this year.

According to, industry veteran Ian Hetherington, venture capitalist Patrick Chung and financier Harry Weller were all on the RTW board. Now they're named as directors of Kimble Operations.

Meanwhile, Gamasutra has been reporting that Kimble Operations has bought MyWorld. Apparently around 20 staff have been kept on and the project is down for a release next year.

Kimble Operations - originally known as Newincco - was formed in late July, just a month after the troubled launch of APB, by legal experts at law firm Olswang LLP.

After the company changed its name in September, Olswang's Chris Mackie stepped down from the board. Hetherington, Chung and Weller were named as directors just weeks later.

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