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eeGeo rises from Realtime Worlds ashes

New studio to finish Project: MyWorld.

A number of key creatives from defunct APB/Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds have resurfaced with a new studio called eeGeo.

According to Develop, one of its first undertakings will be finishing up Project: MyWorld, the ambitious social game announced shortly before APB dragged Realtime under last year.

It apparently picked up the IP and all assets for around £1.1 million – a little less than the £1.26 million GamersFirst allegedly paid for APB.

20 former Realtime World staffers are reportedly on the payroll at the Dundee-based outfit, including directors Ian Hetherington, Patrick Chung and Harry Weller.

As well as MyWorld, eeGeo is also thought to be working on a number of other social and mobile titles.

Realtime Worlds' creative director, industry veteran David Jones, recently resurfaced at GamersFirst, working in an advisory role on APB Reloaded.