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Realtime explains Project: MyWorld

Technology platform in dev for years.

Realtime Worlds has shed a little - not much - light on its mysterious social game based on a recreated real world, Project: MyWorld, which was revealed last week.

Design director Sean Dugan wrote on the game's blog that Project: MyWorld is "a technology platform that's been in development for years".

This "top-secret skunkworks project" was at the heart of the studio and had actually contributed technology to Realtime's other releases, Dugan explained.

"Realtime Worlds was founded with the dream of someday delivering on the promise that Project: MyWorld represents," he said. "Along the way, separate teams were created to make Crackdown and APB with technologies developed on Project: MyWorld."

And although Project: MyWorld might look like a stylistic departure for the action game developer, Dugan argued that it represented the central values of Realtime Worlds and its founder Dave Jones. "What Crackdown, APB and Project: MyWorld all do is they create a vast open world and put power into the hands of the player. They allow players to be creative within the boundaries of the game and discover interesting interactions," he said.

As for the nature of those interactions - initial videos suggested buying, selling and customising property, and racing vehicles - Dugan was more evasive.

"We're not quite ready to show all of Project: MyWorld and its games and what it represents," he said. "The underlying technology platform of Project: MyWorld hints at the power of the games and activities but we're really only hinting here - the really good stuff is yet to come. So, yeah, we're being a bit of a tease."

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Project: MyWorld


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