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Squenix working with US studio

On a new, unannounced game.

Square Enix has signed up to develop an as yet unnamed game with an as yet unnamed studio based on the West coast of the US.

According to Siliconera, the unannouncement came during a conference in Yokohama.

The project is described as large scale and the game will be aimed at core players. Squenix is hoping it will be a triple-A title with a Metacritic score of over 90.

Yosuke Shiokawa, previously director of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, has been named creative director. The concept artist is Yuki Matsuzawa.

Shiokawa said he had thought Westerners would want realistic, macho characters, but he found the American team wasn't so keen. Instead he's gone for "believable" characters.

Here's hoping we get to hear more soon.