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Vanquish, R.U.S.E. demos on PS3 now

Store update welcomes Alien Breed, too.

The star attractions this week on the PlayStation Store are Vanquish and R.U.S.E. demos and Team17's Alien Breed: Impact. The latter is offered as a free trial or £12 for the full game.

Valkyria Chronicles II is on sale for PSP ("worth examining", concluded our 8/10 review), as are golden PSone oldies Tomb Raider and Front Mission 3.

Additional content this week is led by BioShock 2 add-on Minerva's Den. There are also free costumes for Red Dead Redemption, cars for Split/Second, character slots for MAG and multiplayer extras for Kane & Lynch 2.

The usual slew of Rock Band and Guitar Hero catalogue additions can be perused, along with other less noteworthy PS Store additions, on the European PlayStation blog.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Home has grown with Hudson Gate - the specialised publisher space for Bomberman maker Hudson. That means Bomberman bits to buy plus 'Dolphy' racing to do, whatever that is/they are.

Finally, the PSP Digital Comics Store shelves have been replenished with a second issue of the StarCraft comic, more Castlevania, more Captain America, more Sonic and more.

What you missed from the US PSN Store update: Castle Crashers (trial and full game), Yakuza 3 DLC and Theme Hospital for the PSone.

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