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Kane & Lynch film loses director

Unlikely to enter production before Q1.

The Kane & Lynch film adaptation is currently without a director and there's no word on when production will begin, one of the companies financing it has said.

According to the LA Times, Patrick Alessandrin was set to direct and production to begin next month, but now producers are scrabbling around for a new director and production may not begin until Q1 2011.

A spokesperson for Millennium, one of the companies putting up the money, then told the LA Times "the director has not been chosen" and that a "start date is TBD".

Previously we had heard that Bruce Willis was in line to play Kane, and the LA Times added that Jamie Foxx was on board to play loopy old Lynch.

Directors in the frame now apparently include Wayne Kramer, F. Gary Gray and Antoine Fuqua.

The second Kane & Lynch game, Dog Days, launched in August and topped the UK chart despite mixed reviews.

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