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September 2008 Archive

    1. Valkyria Chronicles gets firm release date
    2. Eidos making Shellshock sequel
    3. Xbox 360 outselling PS3 two-to-one - MS
    4. Xbox Live comes back to life
    5. The Art of Fable 2
    6. Steam to begin hosting mods
    7. Runes of Magic
    8. Wii tearing away as UK market leader
    9. Fable 2 art guys wanted "Fable, but done by Ridley Scott"
    10. Spellborn to have free starter zone
    11. Nintendo making own Wii Jog peripheral?
    12. PopCap reinventing Bejeweled in October
    13. Rebellion talks Shellshock 2
    14. PC Roundup
    15. PC demo of Sacred 2 now available
    16. Gears 1 maps to be DLC for Gears 2
    17. Funcom to merge Age of Conan servers
    18. Wii to get DLC for Rock Band 2
    19. Xbox Live still down for maintenance
    20. Director of 300 to make videogames
    21. Puzzle Quest bound for iPhone
    22. Sony Online looking at PSP MMOs
    23. Force Unleashed dominates UK charts
    24. War World on XBLA this Wednesday
    25. Capcom dates Age of Booty
    1. Bleszinski: "Internet facilitates dickishness"
    2. LittleBigPlanet beta keys still available
    3. Mega Man 9
    4. Rise of the Argonauts
    5. Play Call of Duty 5 at Eurogamer Expo
    6. PES 2009 demo on Thursday
    7. Gouken for Street Fighter IV console
    8. Is the press to blame for Jack Thompson?
    9. Maddie is a character in Halo 3 game
    10. Elections for second EVE council begin
    11. Earn game time with WOW credit card
    12. Rock Band 2 to get Red Hot Chilis' album
    13. Job ad hints at LOTRO for consoles
    14. New Xbox Experience themes info
    15. New 360 front end coming in November?
    16. Register your CV for Career Fair
    17. The New Xbox Experience
    18. The New Xbox Experience: Avatars
    19. Burnout Paradise Trophies released
    20. Disgaea DS gets European release date
    21. XBLA revenues up by over 60 per cent
    22. New DS out this year, says Nikkei report
    23. MySims Kingdom
    24. Fable 2 to ship without online co-op
    1. Maddie ref. an "unfortunate coincidence"
    2. City of Heroes mission editor delayed
    3. Paradise City tiny compared to Fuel map
    4. Duke Nukem 3D
    5. Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli
    6. Banjo-Kazooie XBLA gets date, price
    7. Dev would "love to do" console Total War
    8. PSN-exclusive Punisher game in works
    9. Pristontale 2: The Second Enigma
    10. Analyst: WAR will get 250-350k subs
    11. Resistance 2
    12. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
    13. Secret Ensemble project a Halo MMO?
    14. Dofus opens new Heroic server
    15. de Blob
    16. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
    17. Vanguard offers free reactivation
    18. WAR bans gold sellers "like crazy"
    19. Price cut boosts 360 sales by 32 per cent
    20. GTR: Evolution
    21. Exclusive BIA: Hell's Highway vids
    22. DS Roundup
    23. Burnout Paradise: Bikes Pack
    24. Publishers "scared" to scrap DRM
    25. LittleBigPlanet pushed forward a week
    26. Age of Conan will be more "player-centric"
    27. Civilization IV: Colonization
    28. Massive Wars
    29. Empire: Total War
    30. No downlodable demo for Far Cry 2
    31. Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest
    32. LittleBigPlanet Trophies listed on internet
    33. Sonic leads Virtual Console charge
    34. Yakuza 2
    35. More GRID content on its way
    36. Redlynx Trials 2 gets a beefy update
    37. New details for GTA: Chinatown Wars
    38. Free bass for anyone pre-ordering Guitar Hero: World Tour 'super bundle'
    39. Fracture, Soulcalibur IV demos on PSN
    40. Clancy games coming to Wii, says Ubi boss
    41. New PAL Releases Roundup
    42. Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band 6 to 1
    43. Nintendo unveils Christmas DS bundles
    44. Xbox Live Arcade Roundup
    45. Mythic clarifies comments about EA
    46. Rage for Xbox 360 to come on two discs
    47. Samba De Amigo
    48. Videogame epilepsy tests are "subjective", says WipEout HD dev
    49. Age of Conan director leaves Funcom
    50. EA responds to Spore DRM concerns
    51. Barnett bets on 1m WAR subs in a year
    52. I'll take on Sony any day, says MS man
    53. Peter Molyneux picks apart Too Human
    54. WAR ships 1.5 million copies
    55. UK charts: EA trio still riding high
    56. Listen to One Life Left online
    57. Team 17 making more Alien Breed
    58. MTV making Rock Band 2 telly show
    59. Lich King Collector's Edition details
    60. WOW: Lich King date confirmed
    61. Why SEGA stopped making consoles
    62. Gold Commodore 64 sells for GBP 2650
    63. RACE Pro to cross finish line in January
    64. Konami doing sandcastle building sim
    65. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
    1. WAR claims 500,000 players
    2. New PAL Releases Roundup
    3. America's Next Top Model for DS
    4. Kojima already has ideas for MGS5
    5. Jack Thompson kicked out of the law
    6. Shaun White Snowboarding for DS, PSP
    7. Xbox 360 trumps PS3 in Japan again
    8. MS spends big on Christmas advertising
    9. Maddie reference spotted in Bungie trailer
    10. Battlefield Heroes
    1. Nintendo announces Wii Music date
    2. WipEout HD stars in PS Store update
    3. Bungie reveals Halo project trailer
    4. EA calms Spore forum threat outcry
    5. Molyneux's next "ridiculously ambitious"
    6. Animal Crossing for Wii this Christmas
    7. Super-deluxe Dead Space pack unveiled
    8. Spore sales top 1 million
    9. Bungie to unveil Halo project today?
    1. Peggle XBLA to feature four-player mode
    2. Buzz! PS3 special edition for Christmas
    3. EA threatens to cancel Spore accounts
    4. Mega Man 9 gets a release date
    5. No Team Fortress 2 updates for PS3
    6. Drug-dealing mini-game for GTA DS
    7. Xbox Live users back Barack
    8. Level-5 doing horror RPG for PSP
    9. Downtime planned for Live this Monday
    10. Interplay's Fallout MMO confirmed
    11. Force Unleashed sales total 1.5 million
    12. Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA today
    1. LittleBigPlanet beta keys all gone!
    2. Halo 3 title update available today
    3. Hydrophobia already set for a sequel
    4. Burnout Paradise for PSN this week
    5. Ensemble was "shocked" by studio closure
    6. Quantum of Solace for US in early Nov
    7. UK charts: Force Unleashed the new star
    8. Listen to One Life Left online
    1. Make your own Guinness World Record
    2. Suda51's The Silver Case for PSN
    3. Chronicles of Spellborn dated
    4. Eurogamer Expo tickets on sale now!
    5. Cities XL
    6. First details of Euro Combat Arms
    7. New Golden Axe game gets date
    8. 50 Cent sequel not dead yet
    9. GTA on Wii "didn't really feel natural"
    10. Fable 2 Achievements unearthed
    11. Home 1.00 launching end October?
    12. Rockstar's LA Noire a year away
    13. Bejeweled add-on coming to WOW
    1. New details emerge of Star Trek Online
    2. Four multiplayer modes for Far Cry 2
    3. PlayTV
    4. Wii Music gets US release date
    5. Movie man buys Mass Effect rights
    6. Far Cry 2 LiveText TODAY!
    1. Mirror's Edge gets release date
    2. Fracture, Mercs 2 demos now live
    3. A Public WAR
    4. Sony and Jaffe sued over God of War
    5. Warhammer Online's Mark Jacobs
    6. Put motorbikes in Burnout Paradise
    7. No video streaming for early PS Home
    8. Myst Online man on why his game failed
    9. PS3 still needs a defining game - Molyneux
    10. Help choose platforms for TimeSplitters 4
    11. Life with PlayStation now live
    12. Life with PlayStation now live
    13. Guitar Hero: Hendrix on the way
    1. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
    2. 'Google to buy Valve' report "speculation"
    3. Peggle sequel now on internet
    4. Life with PlayStation temporarily available
    5. Nintendo employees make USD 1.6m each
    6. White Knight Chronicles gets release date
    7. PS3 gets optional firmware update
    8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play
    1. Ubisoft orders EndWar to early November
    2. Fable 2 Pub Games glitch was intentional
    3. SSFII Turbo HD Remix still for 2008
    4. Warhammer Online's Paul Barnett
    5. Activision will influence console design
    6. Loads more Guitar Hero games by 2010
    7. Atari dates bundle of games
    8. God of War III to get 120-page script
    9. The Last Guy
    1. WipEout HD arriving next week
    2. Mercenaries 2 demos this week
    3. Burnout bikes arriving on Thursday
    4. New Xbox 360 Controller
    5. Full Guitar Hero: World Tour set-list
    6. FIFA World Cup tournament to return
    7. Monster WOW patch enters testing
    8. Duke Nukem 3D dated for XBLA
    9. Microsoft fires whistleblowing employee
    10. EA abandons Take-Two takeover idea
    11. Lich King release date announced?
    1. X Factor
    2. Disney's Avalanche
    1. Crysis Warhead
    2. Sony upset with third-party PSP support
    3. UK retail points to 360 Christmas price-cut
    4. The Gaming Difference
    5. Activision buys B-Boy developer
    6. Trauma Center: New Blood dated
    7. Supreme Commander
    8. BioShock PS3 demo in early October
    9. Midway reveals MK vs. DC character list
    10. Major Minor's Majestic March
    11. Rise of the Argonauts due in November
    12. FIFA and PlayTV demos in PSN update
    13. Big three respond to August US sales
    14. WAR server types, names announced
    15. Capcom to focus on multi-platform games
    16. WOW opens PVE to PVP transfers
    17. Destroy All Humans! on Xbox Originals
    1. WipEout HD price announced
    2. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
    3. One Life Left returns!
    4. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    5. MotorStorm 2 ploughing into October
    6. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
    7. No Quest for Booty disc for UK
    8. Gizmondo 2 seen, on track for year's end
    9. Rare was working on Avatars "before Miis were part of gaming scene"
    10. Guitar Hero: World Tour
    11. Ted Nugent joins Guitar Hero: World Tour
    12. Halo Studio gearing up for next-gen
    13. FIFA 09 to feature online clan system
    14. New PAL Releases Roundup
    15. TNA iMPACT!
    16. TNA Impact gets downloadable wrestlers
    17. Midway Gamers Day asset roundup
    18. TNA iMPACT's Kurt Angle
    19. EA and Gillette doing huge 360 tourney
    20. Sony doing Jeopardy! for US PSN
    21. Braben: pre-owned is "damaging" market
    22. Fracture PS3 and 360 demos next Thurs
    23. Eurogamer t-shirt winners unveiled
    24. FIFA 09 demos: PC out, PS3/360 today
    25. Microsoft: We still own Age of Empires
    26. Ubisoft turns attention to dog coaching
    27. Burning Crusade's quality delayed WAR
    28. Tony Hawk with tilt controls on DS
    29. PES 2009 includes Champions League
    30. COD4 Variety maps going half-price
    31. Tabula Rasa is safe, says NCsoft
    32. DS Roundup
    1. SingStar ABBA unveiled for PS3, PS2
    2. Xbox Live Arcade Roundup
    3. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo details
    4. LBP would not work on 360 "as it is"
    5. Red Alert 3 to use "more lenient" DRM
    6. Spore prototypes open to public
    7. Puzzle Quest heading to PSP Store
    8. Chocobo's Dungeon dated for October
    9. NCsoft's European MMO canned?
    10. Help rename Games for Windows - Live
    11. BF Bad Company getting Trophies
    12. Apple hypes games for new iPod touch
    13. Microsoft shutting down Ensemble Studios
    14. Soulcalibur Legends
    1. Velvet Assassin slips into early 2009
    2. Games to trump music sales at HMV
    3. Florensia
    4. Samba de Amigo held back a week
    5. All That Remains songs for Rock Band
    6. Big Vanguard update next week
    7. Project Origin dated, becomes F.E.A.R. 2
    8. WOW Arenas: regional winners
    9. New Metallica album for GH3 on Friday
    10. Opoona
    11. Duke Nukem to be Hollywood film
    12. PAL Novastrike submitted to SCEE
    13. UK Banjo pre-orders net XBLA version
    14. New Harry Potter game next summer
    15. Midway: 360 "lagging behind" in Europe
    16. Sony sorry for SOCOM beta collapse
    17. Jacobs on WAR beta: "GOA messed up"
    18. Mercenaries 2 does a job on UK chart
    19. Three more for Xbox Live Arcade on Weds
    20. Virtual Console Roundup
    1. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
    2. Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer set for PSN
    3. Morrisons doing half-price games all week
    4. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith demo on Live
    5. Football Manager 2009
    6. Beatnik unveils XNA game Plain Sight
    7. Combat Arms gets Euro beta date
    8. EA cuts price of Rock Band in Europe
    9. PC Roundup
    10. Buffy MMO will be 2D first, 3D later
    11. Bungie reveals Achievements for Halo 3
    12. THQ doing Warhammer 40K shooter?
    13. Age of Conan available on Steam
    14. Original 360 defect rate was 68 per cent
    15. SingStar boss leaves Sony for Atari
    16. Spore is meant to be Sims, not Half-Life
    17. WAR open beta struggles in Europe
    18. Schappert to keynote TGS next month
    19. Eden details Alone in the Dark PS3
    20. Lanning wants Oddworld Xbox on Steam
    21. Infinite Undiscovery
    1. SOCOM beta keys all gone - for now!
    2. Microsoft reduces DLC prices
    3. SOCOM beta keys Friday at 4pm!
    4. EG techs explain new gamepages
    5. Call of Duty 5 gets Euro date, beta
    6. EA investigating Spore login problems
    7. Randomly selected European gamers to receive US MotorStorm 2 demo
    8. Far Cry 2 given solid release date
    9. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
    10. FaceBreaker
    11. Breaking Ground goes live for EQ2
    12. Sting playable in Guitar Hero World Tour
    13. Wii Roundup
    14. No European price cut for Xbox 360
    15. More Disgaea tumbling onto PSP
    16. Rock Band 2 song transfer priced
    17. Call of Duty: World at War dated
    18. GTA IV ships over 10 million copies
    19. Midnight Club: LA delayed slightly
    20. 26 new songs for SingStore
    21. Chase HQ and friends on Virtual Console
    22. Dead Space release creeps forward again
    23. Wario Land: The Shake Dimension
    1. Japanese charts: Afrika riding high
    2. Football Manager 2009 dated, detailed
    3. TT not going to "take the piss" out of LEGO-game fans
    4. Team Ninja has three new games for TGS
    5. Free Ryzom accounts on offer
    6. Saga of Ryzom to return
    7. Nevrax goes into receivership
    8. Spore Creatures
    9. Exclusive Banjo-Kazooie gameplay vids
    10. Tecmo says no thanks to Square Enix
    11. Sacred 2 for PC, consoles in November
    12. Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes
    13. New Halo 3 Achievements list leaked?
    14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO announced
    15. Pure demo heads PSN weekly update
    16. MS cuts price of Xbox 360 in the US
    17. New PAL Releases Roundup
    18. Spore
    19. Kramer, Motorhead, Pistols for GHWT
    20. PSP-3000 battery life fine after all
    21. Lumines Supernova set for PSN
    1. Nariko LBP costume with Play pre-orders
    2. Eurogamer Expo this October!
    3. Conan 360 "still very much set to happen"
    4. Football Manager 2009 revelations tonight
    5. Lack of ambition to blame for previous Star Wars flops, admits LucasArts
    6. EVE Online: The Politics
    7. KOEI not planning a Bladestorm follow-up
    8. Dynasty Warriors Gundam sequel in 2009
    9. WAR item for Red Alert 3 pre-orders
    10. UK PSP-3000 bundle contents still TBC
    11. WiiWare and Virtual Console Roundup
    12. Harmonix denies confirming Nevermind
    13. Vote for your Eurogamer t-shirts
    14. KORG DS-10 synthesiser for DS in October
    15. Japanese direct-access PSP Store soon
    16. Elefunk on PSN today
    17. What else has Namco Bandai got?
    18. LBP public beta sometime this month
    19. Three games on XBLA today
    20. New Pumpkins single to debut in GH4
    21. Court sides with THQ against WWE
    22. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
    23. Resistance 2 beta in early October
    24. Final Fantasy IV
    1. Pure PS3 and 360 demos on Thursday
    2. Xbox 360 nearing limits of capability - Epic
    3. Darkfall Online beta begins
    4. PSP-3000 gets UK date, price
    5. Legendary
    6. The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria
    7. SOCOM: Confrontation beta delayed
    8. Disaster: Day of Crisis coming in October
    9. Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise
    10. COD 'didn't finish telling WWII story'
    11. Disney DLC for LBP just an example - Sony
    12. Square Enix to charge for FFXIII demo?
    13. Capcom denies SF IV infinite combo
    14. PS3 to get exclusive Mirror's Edge DLC
    15. Molyneux would give Fable 2 9/10
    16. Age of Booty to cost just over a fiver
    17. UK charts: Tiger Woods roars to top
    18. Ninja Blade is "seamless" 12-hour slasher
    19. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
    1. Gauntlet DS crusades to October
    2. Death Tank being remade for Live Arcade
    3. LOTRO could be next "mass-market" MMO
    4. WOW Lich King talent calculators go live
    5. Mythic details WAR early access dates
    6. Pirates vs. Ninjas heading to WiiWare
    7. From Software shows Ninja Blade for 360
    8. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
    9. Funcom confirms 400k players
    10. Vote for new Bad Company maps
    11. EA giving Red Alert 1 away for free
    12. Microsoft slashes price of 360 in Japan
    13. Castle Crashers MP patch coming soon
    14. Life with PlayStation delayed again
    15. Bleszinski rules out Gears 2 for PC
    16. Nintendo raises sales forecasts
    17. Kamiya wants to "exceed" God of War
    18. Less battery life for PSP-3000, says Sony
    19. Pick up Portal for half-price on Steam